Welcome to Wendys Child Care Services



This site is designed to welcome you and your child to our home and answer any questions, which I hope will make you and your child feel safe, more relaxed and comfortable.

My name is Wendy Elliot I am an Outstanding Ofsted Registered Childminder with an NVQ 3 qualification based in Mortimer, Reading, Berkshire. Having started my career in secretarial and administrative work and also spent time in a busy Human Resources department, it is easy for me to appreciate the stresses of everyday life, work and coping with children. My main subject within HR was Health and Safety.

In my time as a Childminder I have enjoyed caring for children of all ages from 5 months up to 15 years old, each with varying needs and development requirements. I introduce fun activities which co-ordinate with the Early Years Foundation Stage allowing them to start school with confidence. For older children I try to encourage them with their homework and listen to them reading, before allowing time for free play or other activities.

I will provide a safe comfortable happy environment where your child will be given first class quality of care in surroundings designed to bring out the best in their social and educational development. The emphasis being on learning, playing, reading, listening, interaction with others and general development of all the skills necessary to prepare your child for school. I understand the need to encourage children's development through fun activities.

My mission is to safely return a happy, good mannered child to each home and provide first rate child care at a reasonable price.



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